Call me Dan. I am a random human male who dwells on the continent of North America.

Like most people, what I don’t know about the world at large figuratively dwarfs what I do know, and a lot of what I know is generally biased or incomplete to some degree.

Seven days prior to this posting, I came to the conclusion that a lot humans of my generation and region are neither strongly motivated to overcome their ignorance, nor are they particularly active members of society. Unfortunately, I can’t say that this conclusion doesn’t apply to me.

This blog will be an infrequently updated documentation of myself trying to improve upon myself in these two areas, as well as others. For the most part, posts will consist of somewhat informal essays and reports of things learned and questions in need of answering. Hopefully, my distaste for leaving projects unfinished will keep me motivated to not abandon this one.

Due to my status as a post-secondary student, blog updates will probably not be that frequent (not in the long run, anyway).


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